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The School Council members for 2019-20 have been elected and are now representing each of our classes.




Autumn Term 1 Meeting

In our first meeting we introduced ourselves and Mrs. Cook explained what our roles would entail. After introductions, the school council were made aware that Mrs. Cook had received an email from the catering supplier asking if we wanted to reduce sugar in our daily school meals. Each school council member had to explain this back in class and as a class had to vote to decide if they wanted to reduce sugar in meals by having soup as a started followed by a main course or main course and a dessert.

After voting, the results showed that 2 classes voted for starter and mains whilst the other 2 classes voted for mains and desserts.

Mrs. Cook has now informed the caterers and has asked if we can alternate between starter and main course and main course and dessert.  We are awaiting an answer from them.