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 We aim to educate through our Christian Vision, through a rich and inclusive curriculum that is designed to provide knowledge and wisdom, inspiration and hope, a sense of community and dignity.   Our children are enthusiastic and engaged learners and we are dedicated to inspiring the future generation for all walks of life.  The children at Billesdon C of E School are supported to realise their potential by becoming resilient and confident learners who will make a positive contribution to society in their chosen field.

The curriculum incorporates the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 and a range of other experiences which meet the learning and developmental needs of the children of our school.

Please find our Curriculum Rationale here

 Parent's Guide to the New National Curriculum:   



   Please see the links below to find out the curriculum content for each class this year:

Joy Class Curriculum Overview - 2022-23

Peace Class Curriculum Overview - 2022-23

Hope Class Curriculum Overview - 2022-23

Faith Class Curriculum Overview - 2022-23


Suggested Home Learning Links:


Phonics:                                    Read Write Inc. (https://www.ruthmiskin.com/en/)             

                                                     Speed sounds lessons, Storytime with Nick, Poetry Time films - EYFS-KS1

Audiobooks:                            Audible  (https://stories.audible.come/start-listen)             

                                                     All children's audiobooks available free during school closures - All ages

Elevenses with the World of David Walliams

                                                     Website: (https://worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/one free audio book reading is                                                                     available to listen to every day 

Poetry:                                       The Children's Poetry Archive -  Listen to poetry read out loud - EYFS - KS2



Numberblocks:                       (https://bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/grownups/help-your-child-with-maths

                                                       Videos and fun activities - EYFS-KS1

Maths Games:                          Top Marks (https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games)     

                                                       Interactive maths games by age group KS1 - KS2


BBC Bitesize                             (https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/primary)                               

                                                       Interactive resources covering the curriculum KS1-KS2


Boogie Beebies                         (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mvsc

                                                        videos to dance to with BBC presenters - EYFS

Super Movers                             (https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers)                             

                                                         videos to move to as you learn - KS1-KS2


KS1 Computing                         (https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/subjects/zyhbwmn)             

                                                        digital literacy, e-safety and how computers work - KS1

Keyboard Skills                         (https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zf2f9j6/articles/z3c6tfr

                                                        learn how to touch type on a keyboard - KS1-KS2

E-safety                                       (https://www.safetynetkids.org.uk/personal-safety/staying-safe-online/

                                                        Remember the rules for staying safe online! KS1-KS2

Various Subjects:

Gardening Activities:              (https://schoolgardening.rhs.org.uk/home)     gardening activities, quizzes - EYFS-KS2

Making Play Dough                 (https://abcdoes.com/abc-does-a-blog/2010/08/21/playdough-recipes/)  

Thinking Puzzles                      (https://wordwall.net/)     go to example games for a wide range of subjects KS1-KS2