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During the summer holidays of 2012, Rev'd Alison and her family travelled to Trichy in India as part of the Diocese of Leicester's twinning programme. While they were they they had the opportunity to visit the school we are twinned with 'All Saints Elementary School'. They also took with them the many wash kits the children of Billesdon donated for the girls who stay at the hostel in Valparai. The girls live at the hostel all week so that they can attend school as their homes are too far away.

The children at All Saints Elementary School - our twin school in India. Collective Worship is taking place outside.

All Saints children welcoming their visitors from the Diocese of Leicester

With Bishop Paul

Christians have a cross on their door to show that they are Christians

Gandhi - as part of the cultural programme

Mother Theresa - as part of the cultural programme

Traditional dancing - as part of the cultural programme

Our twin school receiving gifts from Billesdon

A welcome banner from our twin school

Rev'd Alison being presented with a welcome shawl by one of the teachers

The girl's hostel at Valparai

Every girl in the hostel now has a wash kit

And a teddy bear!

The boys giving out the wash kits


Methodist High School for Girls

St Luke's Church, Heber College, Trichy

One of the forty hairpin bends on the road to Valparai

Rev'd Alison speaking at the flag hoisting ceremony on Independence Day

Shopping - choosing materials for clothes

Tea pickers. They earn £1 a day