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Faith Class

The children in Faith Class are in Year 6. Their teacher is called Miss Vents and their Learning Support Assistant is called Mrs Garner.

The children enjoy a varied curriculum throughout the week, with daily English and Maths lessons. For further information on what the children are currently learning about and a set of useful links, please see below.

Our Teacher

Miss Vents

Our Learning Support Assistant


                                                             Mrs Garner

So far in Autumn Term 2, the children have continued to work on their English and Maths skills, as well as beginning a new Science topic - Classifying Living Things. As a class, we have also had the pleasure of welcoming some local visitors, who have kindly shared real-life stories of their family members who fought in WWI. The children thoroughly enjoyed looking through the postcards and personal items, which John Hancock sent to his sister Grace during the war. They were really inspired by the bravery and courage of those who fought for us and are now putting together their own version of a 'Letter From the Trenches'.